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Monica Zent Addresses Policy Implications of Quantum Computing at the British Legal Technology Forum
March 10, 2020
London, March 10, 2020 – Monica Zent​ , Founder and CEO of ZentLaw​   and   ​​LawDesk360​​ , virtually presented today at the British Legal Technology Forum 2020 on the critical role the legal industry will play as game-changing quantum computing technology gains momentum.

Zent’s presentation, “Taking the Quantum Leap: Preparing for the Legal and Policy Implications of a Transformative Technology,” detailed how quantum computing’s rapid growth in recent years, and its potential to transform major industries and solve some of society’s most complex global challenges, presents novel questions about law and policy pertaining to this new frontier.”

Yet with such power comes risks; Zent shared how legal professionals should be ready to help policymakers and lawmakers develop a strong legal foundation to support an effective quantum computing policy framework that allows the technology to advance within responsible boundaries.

Zent also guided the audience through use cases for quantum computing to solve challenges that impact humanity such as climate change, cancer treatment and food scarcity while posing thought-provoking questions such as “whether the litmus test for quantum computing deployment should be if the use case is designed to address humanitarian causes?”

“The growing capabilities of quantum computing raises significant legal and policy implications,” Zent said. “Now is the time to begin important dialogue about how we can address this transformative technology before it reaches maturity.”

Ian Connett , CEO and Founder of Quantum Jurist, also presented at the session. Connett discussed how quantum computing will reshape the way legal professionals think and work. He also explored the possibilities of computational law and predictive analytics.

The British Legal Technology Forum is Europe’s largest legal IT event. Zent, an experienced entrepreneur, investor, businesswoman, legal industry thought leader, innovator and trusted legal advisor to the world’s largest brands, joined other prominent speakers at the forum, including legaltech influencer Richard Susskind , Google’s former chief business officer Mo Gawdat and legal industry economist Richard Tromans , among others.