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Introducing LawDesk360, The Workflow Efficiency Platform for Legal Departments and Law Firms
March 2019

Dear Community,

I’m very excited to introduce LawDesk360, the new platform that transforms how legal departments and law firms work.

The AI-powered workflow efficiency platform is uniquely designed to meet the needs of today’s legal organizations. With more than half of lawyers working remotely, the challenge has never been greater for legal departments and firms to manage and empower their increasingly dispersed workforce to work efficiently and collaboratively from wherever they are located.

This latest development from ZentLaw Labs is designed to help corporate legal departments struggling with knowledge management and powering their increasingly remote workforce. LawDesk360 addresses these challenges and enables a smarter, more efficient way of working.

LawDesk360 gives a comprehensive, 360-degree view of what is relevant to the work on team members’ desks at that point in time. Specifically designed to facilitate the nature of the legal workflow cycle, the platform provides tools and functions that support work at various stages of a matter – from initial assessment to creation and collaboration to resolution and closure.

Its features include:
● Enhanced productivity, as teams can communicate internally and share messages and comments around specific subjects, as well as real-time editing and control over what information is shared and with whom.
● Streamlined communication, including a built-in conferencing feature to seamlessly set up team video-conferencing, and team-level communication, intra-organization communication, and one-to-one messaging that facilitate varying degrees of discussion.
● Business-class security to help today’s enterprise legal teams get work done with confidence.
● Enhanced AI-powered search that delivers more relevant results and saves time.
● Curated industry content that pares down the unwieldy volume of news that crosses legal professionals’ desk every day, enabled via partnerships with high-caliber publishers such as LegalBusinessWorld and High Performance Counsel.

We invite you to visit for more information, and check us out on Twitter @LawDesk360.

All the best,

Monica Zent