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Coordinate with teammates or clients, share ideas, and find what you are looking all from one central hub.

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The way work gets done is changing. It’s time for the legal industry to catch up. Studies show that teams that fully leverage their members' talents earn higher margins, inspire greater client loyalty and attract and retain the best talent. LawDesk360 breaks down silos across organizations, encourages teams to work together, and empowers professionals to focus their creative energy on solving problems.

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Features designed with your team in mind

LawDesk360's features are engineered especially for the legal industry. If your enterprise legal team has been struggling to scale or you are just too overwhelmed with emails to get any work done, we would like to help.

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  • ✓   Collaborate effortlessly with members of your organization
  • ✓   Collaborate securely with outside colleagues or clients
  • ✓   Connect with and add unlimited team members
  • ✓   Cloud-based software enables breakthroughs to come from anywhere
  • ✓   Create as many workflows as your organization needs
  • Built for everyone

    No matter your job title or what field of law you practice in, LawDesk360's features can help your team work together and get things done.

    Having a powerful tool to securely share, search and find information with colleagues has been a game changer.

    Stephanie Corey

    Co-Founder & General Partner at UpLevel Ops
    Co-Founder of CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium)

    Designed to help enterprise legal teams get more done

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