Get more meaningful work done
LawDesk360 helps enterprise legal teams communicate more effectively and work more
efficiently. By making it easy for collaborators to share ideas and access valuable information,
LawDesk 360 enables organizations to concentrate on getting meaningful work done. No more
sifting through emails and juggling tabs

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Work Efficiency

Unclutter your workflow and your mind will follow. LawDesk360 places everything your legal teams need at their fingertips, no more scouring through inboxes or scrambling to bring new team members ups to speed. With LawDesk360 your team can focus on getting meaningful work done.

Breakthroughs can happen anywhere

Good ideas don’t just happen at the office. LawDesk360’s cloud-based solution enables clause collaboration for real-time editing, so your team can share ideas quickly and effectively from anywhere.

Safe and Secure

LawDesk360 comes equipped with cloud-based encryption and cutting-edge authentication security controls built into every aspect of our product, so you are always in control of who sees your organizations sensitive information and who doesn't.
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Having a powerful tool to securely share, search and find information with colleagues has been a game changer.

Stephanie Corey

Co-Founder & General Partner at UpLevel Ops
Co-Founder of CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium)
Enhance productivity, supercharge collaboration,
and always find what you are looking for
Create as many teams as you want with internal and external touchpoints for matters, cases, deals and more. Threaded posts keep lines of discussion organized and collected under each team.
Artificial intelligence-powered clause engine for storage, search and access to language when you need it. One simple click and the fully formatted clause is in your document. Say goodbye to downloading.
Machine-learning enabled search on anything to which you may have access. Custom filters help you organize and easily find content from key colleagues and influencers.

Get your workflow on track

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